Angels play a larger role than most realize. This study takes a deep dive into the Angelic realm.


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TOPIC: Old Testament

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

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This course studies Abraham (known as the father of faith), Isaac (the promised and chosen son), and Jacob (the progenitor of the nation of Israel), all of whom the lineage of the Messiah (Jesus Christ) came. Emphasis is placed on these men’s experiences, inclinations, and exploits as they yielded to God in establishing His name on the earth.

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The Restoration Team (Zerubbabel, Ezra, Nehemiah)

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This course explores three individuals who make significant gains in restoring Jerusalem and the Temple after 70 years of Babylonian captivity.  Zerubbabel had significance in influencing the rebuilding of the Temple. Ezra had a significant influence in rebuilding the people for proper worship to God. Nehemiah had significant influence in securing Jerusalem with the rebuilding of the wall.  All three actions were not without their challenges. The contributions of Haggai and Zachariah are intertwined in this course.

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Judges of Israel

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This course is a study of the 15 Judges of Israel.  From Othniel being the first judge to Samuel as the last, the leadership background, propensities, and exploits of all 15 judges are studied.  While a few judges had a minor impact, other judges profoundly impacted the nation as it gained prominence in the land promised to them.  Emphasis is on seven of those Judge-leaders during this course.

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TOPIC: New Testament

Acts Chapter 4

The battle for Truth Then & Now!

Acts of the Apostles

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Parables of Jesus

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TOPIC: Sacred Ceremonies

These courses are designed to instruct and equip students in conducting Sacred Ceremonies related to the Christian faith.  Instructions and training include weddings, water baptism, communion, baby dedication, home dedication, and funerals. The learner will receive instructions on methods to carry out sacred ceremonies in the spirit of reverence and honor while maintaining decorum and following appropriate etiquette.

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Conducting Wedding Ceremonies

To understand the methods to conduct wedding ceremonies (traditional and contemporary), including ensuring state requirements and laws are satisfied and how to provide initial counseling to engaged couples.

Baby Dedication

To understand and provide initial guidance to parents/guardians regarding baby dedication and ensure proper decorum is maintained throughout the dedication service.

Home Dedication

To understand how to dedicate a home for individuals/couples who desire to offer thanksgiving to God for their home.

Communion Service

To understand and articulate the requirements for participating in communion and ensure proper decorum is maintained when communion is served to the congregants.


To understand and carry out a baptismal service, to include counseling participants of its significance.

Funerals/Homegoing Service

To provide introductory grief counseling to the bereaved, officiate a funeral service with dignity and respect to the family and loved ones of the deceased, and maintain proper etiquette and service order.

TOPIC: General Courses

The Gospels

Video Teaching

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Valdes

Have you ever asked yourself why are the four Gospels so similar; but different?

Or why “new believers” are told to read the Gospel of John first?

This video is an in-depth breakdown of the four gospels and what makes each unique and the purpose.


The Two Witnesses

Video Teaching

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Valdes

Some believe the two witnesses spoken about in the Book of Revelation will be Enoch and Elijah but what if that is NOT The Case?



Video Teaching

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Valdes

Angels – Messengers, Warriors and Servants of God

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