Canvassing The Old Testament

Live Instructor Teachings

Book of Daniel

8 Week Online Course – Live Teaching

INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Doris Richardson

This course is a study of selected topics and themes from the Book of Daniel, including a thorough examination of a biblical, historical, systematic, and theology insights of chapters 1 – 12. 

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The course will cover the following topics: The Beginning of Gentile Dominion, Nebuchadnezzar’s Dreams, the fall of Babylon, and the transition of one empire to another. This course also covers Daniel’s dreams and visions, the relationship of Supernatural Beings interaction on Earth, the pre-written History of the Kings of the North and South, and End Time prophesies.

Wednesday’s, May 18 – July 6, 2022 (8wks)

TIME: 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Exploring the Book of Genesis

10 Week Online Course – Live Teaching

INSTRUCTOR: Pastor Doris Richardson

This course studies selected topics and themes from the Book of Genesis, which records the first 2,000 years of human history.

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The course covers how the natural universe was brought into existence by the Creative Word of God, the creation of man, the fall of man, and the story of redemption. The course also covers the following: I) The Human Race, 2) Events related to the Flood, 3) The Tower of Babel, 4) The History of the Chosen Family, and 5) The Life and legacy of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and Joseph.

Wednesday’s May 18, 2022 – Jul 20, 2022 (10 wks)

TIME: 6:30pm – 7:45pm

The Joshua Strategy

6 Week Online Course – Live Teaching

This course is a study of the genius and brilliance of Joshua as a God-fearing leader, courageous military tactician, and bold statesman.

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While Moses led Israel out of bondages, Joshua led them into the promised land. An in-depth look at Joshua’s strategies includes his approach to serving in a subordinate role, his approach to launching military offensives, his approach as a diplomat, and his approach to managing complacency and the lackadaisical.


The Life of Jeremiah

6 Week Online Course – Live Teaching

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Marc Royster

This course explores the life of Jeremiah the Prophet, including what precipitated his call to ministry, the challenges he faced, and those he challenged.

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This course also examines Jeremiah’s contemporaries and probes into the symbols and analogies God used to guide Jeremiah’s ministry.

Tuesday’s May 17 – June 21, 2022 (6 wks)

TIME: 6:00pm – 7:15pm

The Old Testament in a Nutshell

8 Week Online Course – Live Teaching

This course starts with a divisional breakout of the Old Testament and is centered on events that encompassed nearly 4,000 years, including 39 books and over 30 authors.

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From the book of Genesis to the book of Malachi, this course provides a cursory exploration of historical and cultural information held within the Old Testament canon. Additionally, events before and after the great flood, the call of Abraham and his descendants, and the establishment of ancient Israel are explored.

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Video Teachings

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Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Video Teaching

This course studies Abraham (known as the father of faith), Isaac (the promised and chosen son), and Jacob (the progenitor of the nation of Israel), all of whom the lineage of the Messiah (Jesus Christ) came. Emphasis is placed on these men’s experiences, inclinations, and exploits as they yielded to God in establishing His name on the earth.


The Restoration Team (Zerubbabel, Ezra, Nehemiah)

Video Teaching

This course explores three individuals who make significant gains in restoring Jerusalem and the Temple after 70 years of Babylonian captivity.  Zerubbabel had significance in influencing the rebuilding of the Temple. Ezra had a significant influence in rebuilding the people for proper worship to God. Nehemiah had significant influence in securing Jerusalem with the rebuilding of the wall.  All three actions were not without there challenges. The contributions of Haggai and Zachariah are intertwined in this course.


Judges of Israel

Video Teaching

This course is a study of the 15 Judges of Israel.  From Othniel being the first judge to Samuel as the last, the leadership background, propensities, and exploits of all 15 judges are studied.  While a few judges had a minor impact, other judges profoundly impacted the nation as it gained prominence in the land promised to them.  Emphasis is on seven of those Judge-leaders during this course.


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