Dr. Marc E. Royster, Sr.

Dr. Marc Royster is Executive Director of the Cultivation Center for Leadership Development. He holds Doctoral degrees in Education and Ministry, respectively, as well as a Master’s degree in Human Resources and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Dr. Royster has traveled throughout all 50 United States and over 30 countries, where he was instrumental in developing ministries, missions, and business.

Dr. Royster is a retired military and veteran of the First Gulf war.  He has authored five books and published dozens of articles. Dr. Royster’s research hours include Old Testament history, with detailed research on Old Testament Prophets, Judges, and Kings. Further, his research includes New Testament and Church history, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Apologetics, Biblical and Secular Leadership, and the Dynamics of Relationship Management, among many other topics in the sphere of academia.

Pastor Doris Richardson (Dean of Academic Affairs)

Pastor Doris Richardson is founder and CEO of DayBreak International Fellowship and DayBreak Publications. Pastor Richardson holds two Master’s degrees, Nursing, and Health Care Policy and Administration, respectively. Moreover, she is a candidate for a Doctoral degree in Christian Clinical Counseling.

Pastor Richardson has served in various capacities, including executive leadership, worship leader and choir director, and the pastorate. Pastor Richardson has countless over 3,000 research hours in Old and New Testament History, with specific research on Genesis, the Old Testament Prophets, and Kings, and the Acts of the Apostles. She is also a Master Teacher on intercessory prayer and women in scripture. Pastor Richardson has authored two books and has written several articles. 

Pastor Doris strongly believes that Christian education integrates challenging intellectual interaction with exposure to demonstrable expertise. 

Dr. Earl Parchia, Jr.

Dr. Earl Parchia, Jr. has a Doctor of Divinity Degree and a Master’ Degree in Ministry. He has countless research hours in evangelism, church doctrine, and eschatology. Dr. Parchia holds international credentials, serving churches in the Philippine Islands of Masbate, Manila, Lyte, Negros, Cebu, and Mindanao.

Dr. Parchia’ ministry spans over 38 years, including pioneering ministries in several states.  Dr. Parchia is the founder of Victorious Life Prayer Ministries, a ministry that offers daily prayer and devotions via virtual and telephonic platforms.

Michael Valdes

Michael has an undergraduate degree in Art Marketing and a Masters’s degree in Online Marketing. Michael is not a pastor and has not been to seminary school but what he does have are hundreds of research hours studying the Old and New Testament.

Michael, through the help of the Holy Spirit, has been able to see the various nuggets outlined in scripture to see a different perspective on scripture that is different than what is taught in today’s modern churches.

With this being said, all of his viewpoints are strictly based on what we find in scripture and scripture alone.

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