Angels play a larger role than most realize. This study takes a deep dive into the Angelic realm.


About On-Demand Videos & Live Courses

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About On-Demand Videos

The On-Demand Video Sign In / My Account tab is for anyone that has purchased an On-Demand video. Once you make a purchase, you are now able to log in at any time to watch any On-Demand Video that you have purchased. The On-Demand Video Sign In / My Account login is only to access videos by the person that has made the purchase.

As the site adds more videos, you will be able to access and view any video you have purchased simply by logging in through On-Demand Sign In / My Account tab.

About  Live Courses

The Live Courses are separate. The Live Courses are purchased through a third-party site (Squarespace) and when purchased, a ZOOM link will be provided to attend the LIVE course you purchased.

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