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The Cultivation Center

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Our Cultivation Courses

Are you a new bible teacher? or moderately advanced? or somewhere in between? Perhaps you feel that there is more to Christian service than what you are experiencing, and you want more. Maybe you want to draw closer to God, or perhaps gain a better understanding of how scripture applies to you so that you can live a more fulfilling life in a seemingly confusing, paradoxical, and dichotomous world of falsehoods and hypocrisies. 

We offer various practical courses designed to engage or reengage you in Christian service or just help you enjoy your faith journey on Earth. Our courses are designed with the “Applied” approach in mind; that is, to equip you to apply it and respond to Real situations, be Relevant in your expressions, and be engagingly Relatable.

Cultivation Center

I embrace the awesome responsibility granted to me by the Sovereign God to develop people in their pursuit of understanding Him and His truths as they relate to Life and Godliness.

Dr. Marc E. Royster, Sr.

Executive Director,
The Cultivation Center
for Leadership Development

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Applied Theology Course

Learn how to interpret, instruct and defend the Bible.

Leadership Course

These courses are designed to instruct, inspire and more.

Sacred Ceremonies Course

How to carry out sacred services related to the Christian faith.

Old Testament Courses

New Testament Courses

Writing Skills Course

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We will do our best to continue to provide as much FREE learning content as possible.

Spiritual GrowthCultivating Thoughts

Dedicated Instructors & Staff

The Cultivation Center is an extension of Harvest for Christ Global Outreach, a 501C(3) ministry operating in South Florida, USA. Most of our instructors have achieved an advanced degree in their field or have extensive research and study hours on the subjects they teach. Still, more importantly, all instructors are spiritually focused and understand the nuances of living in a complicated world of imperfect people, imperfect systems of governance, as well as imperfect places of worship, yet having to strive to live a perfect life to please a perfect God.

Thus, our instructors are less dogmatic and more practical and will not hesitate to be theoretical when the empirical information is absent.  Further, our instructors are passionate about connecting the subjects they teach with the realities of life, and they insert their enthusiasm into each lesson. 

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